Meet the team!

Bayes’ Baes is a resource run by and for biologists. Collaboration is the key to our success - if you’d like to contribute to this work (through writing tutorials, editing, etc.), please get in touch! You can learn more about how to contribute to this project on our Github.

The Founding Baes

    Hannah Watkins

    Co-founder, Tutorial Writer, and Web Designer

    Hannah started her academic career chasing lizards and sage-grouse in the terrestrial realm. She has since transitioned to a life at sea, studying the ecological impacts of sea cucumber fisheries. She is now a PhD student in The Marine Ecology Lab as part of the Earth2Ocean Research Group at Simon Fraser University. To learn more about her research, check out her personal website or her Google Scholar page. If you want to inundate your feed with sea cucumbers, then follow her on Twitter!

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Guest Baes