How to use this site

There are a few ways we’d recommend using this site, depending on what kind of support you need:


If you’d like to browse our collection of tutorials written by us and the Guest Baes, you can select the Browse All tab in the Tutorials section of our site to look through all of our posts. Each tutorial has a set of tags associated with it that will appear on the left hand side of the page when you open a post. Tags refer to the topic(s) or subtopic(s) covered in a post (e.g., “data cleaning” or “fundamentals”).If you are interested in all of the tutorials we have available on a specific topic (e.g. data cleaning), head to the Browse By Tag tab. You can also use the Search tab to search our collection.

Most of our tutorials cover individual components of larger topics. So, rather than a single tutorial for how to run a generalized linear model, for instance, you’ll find a set of tutorials on data cleaning, workflow, linear models, non-normal distributions, interactions, and how to read GLM output in R.

Other resources

If you are working on a certain type of project, you can also head to the Resources tab to see both the tutorials that we have available AND additional resources that we’ve found helpful for our own work. In this section, we link to a range of useful sites including online books, package vignettes, tutorials, or in some cases really well explained Stack Overflow answers. This is an ever-growing list so please feel free to send us other resources you’ve found to be useful!